Paint Stripping in Brighton


a person using a spatula to remove old white paint off of a wall

Helping you prepare your surfaces

Paint stripping or wallpaper removal is often the most dreaded aspect of redecorating. However, preparing a good surface is also the most important part of the process.

We can help restore surfaces to be ready for a painting job, with our specialist equipment and professional paint stripping services. Likewise, our skilled technicians can safely remove layers of paint and finishes, revealing the natural beauty of wood, metal, and masonry. Contact us to discuss your paint stripping needs and schedule a consultation.





Why choose us?


Assessment of surface condition and selection of appropriate stripping methods

Environmentally friendly stripping
solutions for minimal impact

Attention to detail to preserve the
integrity of underlying materials






a spatula being used to scrape blue paint off of a wodden surface


Create the perfect surface for your decorating project

We carefully assess surface conditions and select appropriate stripping methods, using environmentally friendly solutions for minimal impact.

With our attention to detail and preservation of underlying materials, we ensure superior results that breathe new life into your property.