Door Painting in Brighton


a person using a paint brush to paint the exterior of a door blue


Give a great first impression with a freshly painted front door

Give your doors a fresh new look with our professional door painting services. Whether it's interior or exterior doors, our team delivers precise preparation and application for a smooth and long-lasting finish. Get in touch to schedule door painting services for your home or business.





Why choose us?


Removal of hardware and
thorough surface preparation

Custom colour matching and
selection to complement your décor

Attention to detail for clean lines
and uniform coverage






a person using a paint roller to paint a primed door white


Superb interior door painting

Our skilled team meticulously prepares surfaces for painting, ensuring a smooth and long-lasting finish. We take care of every detail, from removing hardware to custom colour matching and selection.

With our attention to detail, clean lines, and uniform coverage, your doors will make a statement and enhance the overall appearance of your space.